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Engaged Health Group is a full service population health company dedicated to the premise that quality care & low cost are not mutually exclusive.

VISION:  To transform the way populations are supported to achieve optimal health while reducing overall health care costs.

MISSION:  We support our client’s pursuit of health by effectively using data to drive actions and to measure improvement and by building supportive and sustained relationships. We are constantly measuring success and adjusting interventions to ensure health goals are met.

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The challenges we see

Engaged Health Group Is the Solution for These Challenges


Our solution is a flexible, data and outcomes driven process that adapts to the changing needs of any population with our Anchor Nurse providing personalized, supportive one-to-one interactions with the member leveraging EHG’s fully integrated proprietary member management platform (HELMSS) and a consumer friendly mobile app.

Our Services and How we Deliver them

We provide full service population health support – from acute care management to chronic care management to lifestyle support, as well as referral / utilization management.

  • A holistic approach that involves managing the members, not just their condition(s).
  • A data driven process that helps to develop strategies that addresses the specific needs of an individual member and the population as a whole.
  • Anchor Nurses who lead the initiatives that are developed to address the needs of the population across the continuum.
  • Anchor Nurses who build the relationships needed to overcome challenges in achieving healthy goals. These relationships are direct with the members, the communities and the employers.
  • One Anchor Nurse is responsible for managing all aspects of the health management program.
  • The program is flexible and can respond to needs identified through the ongoing performance of the plan.
  • Our approach focuses on the entire population not just the high risk members.
  • We utilize a consumer app that provides an additional and effective way for our Anchor Nurses and members to communicate.
  • We have the ability to evaluate and utilize other non-traditional data sources that can provide a positive impact on the program (such as social determinants, human genomics, etc.).
  • We have separate dashboards for the Anchor Nurse and the employer that provide better visibility for the specific measures relevant to the plan.

We offer flexible approaches and flexible billing options – besides the traditional support delineated above EHG is flexible in our willingness to meet the needs and the desires of our clients.  Below are examples of different approaches we have designed.

Telephonic and onsite clinical support for populations  – Onsite outreach

  • One population health nurse anchored to a population.
  • Direct nursing support is provided for the populations who are highest risk.
  • Your Anchor Nurse uses data to tailor outreach electronically to lower and emerging risk individuals.
  • Your Anchor Nurse conducts or coordinates onsite health initiatives, providing education and support based on data. All Anchor Nurses will be certified in health coaching as well as holding their professional license and certifications.
  • Your Anchor Nurse provides outreach support for lifestyle coaching through a consumer app and will be available for in-reach from the members through the app.

Psychosocial and clinical support for an aging population –

  • A Resource Navigator supported by an Anchor Nurse.
  • Working directly telephonically or onsite when appropriate.
  • Utilizing a consumer app to assess and provide targeted and personalized education and support.



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